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A Destiny 2 cross-play beta has been officially scheduled to take place next week. Bungie revealed the plans in a blog post yesterday, setting the test run for all Destiny 2 players from May 25 to May 27. Taking part in the beta will see you playing on the Vanguard Strikes cross-play beta playlist, where you’ll be connected to others playing on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and Google Stadia. Those who manage to complete three strikes will receive the “Stars Crossed” emblem (below) as a reward.

Destiny 2, Bungie, cross-play, beta, PlayStation, Xbox, Google Stadia, date

Unfortunately, the Destiny 2 cross-play beta won’t let you invite friends or form fireteams, as Bungie says it’s focusing on matchmaking systems this time around. A launch date for the official cross-play launch hasn’t been given yet, but the team says the current plan is to have the feature arrive sometime during Season 15.

“Many thanks in advance. We’re incredibly excited for Cross Play and the bright future this feature will bring by uniting Guardians from around the world, no matter which platform they play on,” Bungie said.

Some Destiny 2 players already got a small taste of the feature when cross-play functionality was accidentally sent live earlier this month. Though the studio says the occurrence was caused by a quickly squashed bug, they admitted that it was nice to see players enjoying an early look at what cross-play can offer.

Destiny 2 players are currently in the midst of Season 14, Season of the Splicer. The Witch Queen, the game’s next major expansion, was originally set to launch sometime this year but was delayed to 2022.

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