It’s a double dose of Destiny, with a brand-new “Strike” gameplay trailer and a preorder bonus you can only get from GameStop.

“Beneath the ruins of the Cosmodrome, in the shadow of an old colony ship, we’ve located the House of the Devils’ Lair.” It sounds like a cross between Tolkien and Mad Max but it is in fact the setup for Bungie’s new Destiny gameplay trailer, a seven-minute look at three heavily-armed dudes hammering through the bad guys.

There’s still lots of time before Destiny launches so it would be unreasonable and unfair to be too critical of it now, but I can’t say that I saw anything in the trailer that made me want to leap out of my chair and rush out to preorder it. It all seems very conventional and even generic, and when the “hold off an onrushing horde while I hack this door” moment arrived, I (figuratively) yawned.

If I was inclined to jump out of my chair and rush out to preorder it, however, the great likelihood is that I’d be heading over to GameStop to do it, even though GameStops are virtually non-existent outside the major population centers in my homeland of South Canuckistan. Why? Because GameStop, as it often does, is offering an exclusive preorder bonus: the Upgraded Sparrow!

“This in-game, customized, red-colored personal-transport features an upgraded boost, faster speed, and higher durability than the standard Sparrow,” the PR says. “The Exclusive Upgraded Sparrow will put GameStop’s Power Up Rewards members ahead of the game when Destiny launches on September 9.”

I’d expect that the upgraded Sparrow will be made available to all at some point too, but that remains to be seen. For now, if you want one, you’d best do your shopping at GameStop.

Destiny comes out on September 9 (which you may have already noticed) for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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