THQ Nordic announces that Destroy All Humans has been remastered and released digitally on PS4.

Way back in the dark days of 2005, THQ released Destroy All Humans. It was a colorful, goofy game that cast players as Crypto, an alien (specifically, a Furon) that has come to Earth to rescue a captured Alien from the US Army. He’s also hoping to harvest plenty of human DNA. The game was set in a farcical version of late 1950s America, and Crypto commences to anal probe his way through the populace. It was great fun, and now it’s back.

THQ Nordic announced today that it has released a remastered version of Destroy All Humans on the PlayStation Store for $19.99. The company had previously acquired the rights to the franchise

Reinhard Pollice, Business and Product Development Director at THQ Nordic, said of the release,

“We’re happy to finally answer fans’ questions about what’s next for the Destroy All Humans franchise. Remastering the original for PS4 somehow makes every bovine encounter and governmental mishap even funnier – Crypto is at his absolute best on PS4!”

Players will get to try out all of Crypto’s arsenal, including his electrically-charged gun, the “Zap-O-Matic,” and the “Anal Probe,” among other weaponry. They’ll also get to fly around in his super-cool flying saucer and tractor beam cows all over the place.

It’s great to see Destroy All Humans coming back. The first game was really enjoyable, and hopefully this remaster will lead to a new game in the series, as THQ Nordic said back in June that they were “thinking about what to do” with the IP.

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