The New York Times has reported that an upcoming Holocaust-themed game for the DS won’t be available in North America, but the CEO of the studio behind the game denies reports that Nintendo is blocking the game’s release.

The Times report described Imagination Is the Only Escape, a game by British developer Luc Bernard, as “darkly illustrated and full of gruesome historical facts,” far different from typical light-hearted DS releases. But a statement by retailer Toys ‘R’ Us quote in the article said, “At this time, there are no plans for this game to be released for any Nintendo platforms in North America.”

According to Alten8 CEO Paul Andrews, however, that’s because the game is still in the early stages of development, not because it’s been blocked by Nintendo or anyone else. In a statement to Next-Gen, Andrews said the game doesn’t even have a release target, adding, “We have not even discussed the game with Nintendo as of yet.”

“We in general try to allow anyone we work with to use their creative talents and see no reasons why new type and styles of games and film content should not be tried, but to confirm again, the status of this game is currently concept/pre-production at this point in time,” he said.

Imagination Is the Only Escape will cast players in the role of a young boy in France during the Nazi occupation of the Second World War who escapes from the everyday horrors surrounding him into his own fantasy world. Bernard described his game is educational, and despite the dark subject matter said, “I hope that young children will play it.”

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