Devil May Cry Ships 10 Million


Capcom’s stylish 3D action franchise has shipped over ten million units worldwide, Capcom announced today.

Count yourself as one in ten million if you’ve ever bought a Devil May Cry game in the eight years since the series made its 2001 debut on the PlayStation 2. The series that laid the foundation for 3D action games where you can knock guys up in the air and then shoot them hit a milestone recently, with Capcom announcing that the series has shipped ten million copies. That’s shipped, not sold, though I’d wager sales are still presumably hefty given how long DMC‘s been around.

Devil May Cry 4, the most recent DMC game, accounts for the biggest fraction of that 10 million having sold 2.2 million copies, Capcom said. A look at Capcom’s platinum sales stat chart, though, shows that the game has sold somewhere around 2.35 million. Meanwhile, the first Devil May Cry has sold 2.16 million, the second 1.7 million and the third 1.3 million. Totaled that comes to 2.5 million less than 10 give or take, which could be unrecorded PC sales or the shipped copies that haven’t been sold yet.

It makes sense that DMC4 would be the highest seller, since it’s the series’ sole multi-platform entry, having appeared on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Which would suggest that DMC1 remains the title that had the biggest single surge of popularity at a specific time. It was the first of its kind, after all, and not just in the franchise but in the breed of fast-paced, combat-centric and style-conscious 3D action game that includes franchises like Ninja Gaiden and God of War.

Indeed, DMC1‘s probably still the DMC people think of when they think of the series. Which is kinda sad, since I have a soft spot for the third game. I mean, who can forget that one cutscene where Dante decides to run down the side of the building just ’cause and then proceeds to kill monsters while doing it before getting swallowed whole by a giant floating lizard as big as a blue whale. Not really hard to see why this series is so popular when you think of that.

[Via Edge Online]

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