Defense Technica will bring hardcore tower defense action to Steam in October.

If tower defense is your thing, then you might want to turn your gaze to Defense Technica, a new addition to the genre coming from Devolver Digital in late October. The game boasts eight different upgradable tower classes that add up to more than 40 different individual tower types with machine guns, rockets, flamethrowers, lasers and other weaponry. Those guns will be turned against nine different kinds of enemies who trundle relentlessly across the battlefield, taking advantage of variable weather, terrain and pathfinding AI.

Based on the launch trailer, Defense Technica looks to be a by-the-numbers tower defense game, but a very pretty and pyrotechnical one, too. Maps ranging from orbital military stations to subterranean ruins and futuristic cities will provide some variety, and everything is rendered in full 3D with “amazing” lighting effects.

I suppose there’s only so much you can do with tower defense while still keeping it tower defense, but if tower defense is what you want, tower defense is what you’ll get – and you’ll get it at a 20 percent discount if you preorder Defense Technica on Steam before it launches on October 24. Tower defense!

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