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Devolver Direct Highlights: Serious Sam 4, Shadow Warrior 3, Devolverland Expo, and More

Devolver Direct Devolver Digital Devolverland Expo Serious Sam 4 Shadow Warrior 3 Olija Carrion

Devolver Digitial hosted its Devolver Direct today, providing various release dates, trailers, and announcements. Shadow Warrior 3, Carrion, Olija, Fall Guys, Serious Sam 4, and the very unique Devolverland Expo were all highlighted.

Shadow Warrior 3 was announced earlier this week to be launching on PC in 2021. Devolver Digital showed off the game’s new “Way to Motoko” gameplay trailer.

Reverse-horror game Carrion received a release date of July 23. The player takes on the role of a red blob monster that seeks revenge against those who imprisoned it inside a facility. The game will release on Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer announced that it will also release then on Xbox Game Pass.

Olija is a 2D platformer game about a man shipwrecked in a country called Terraphage. He plans to return to his homeland alongside other castaways as he battles his way through Terraphage with his legendary harpoon. The game is set to release later this fall on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Devolver Digital showed off a new release date trailer for Fall Guys. The multiplayer game will be releasing on PlayStation 4 and Steam on Aug. 4. Up to 60 players online will face obstacles and struggle to survive round after round of escalating shenanigans until only one is left standing.

Serious Sam 4 received a new gameplay trailer at Devolver Direct. Back in May, Croteam and Devolver Digital announced that the game would release in August 2020 for PC and Google Stadia. Following one year of exclusivity on Stadia, it will come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Finally, Devolver Digital closed the showcase with the announcement of Devolverland Expo, a first-person “marketing simulator.” While sneaking into an abandoned convention center, the player must avoid all security systems in order to watch and collect different trailers, gameplay demos, and other items. Developed by Flying Wild Hog Rzeszów, this game is completely free on Steam.

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