A very lucky few have been invited to join the public beta of the clicky RPG Diablo III.

After reading this headline, a larger number of people will be checking their emails to see if they were invited into Blizzard’s beta program for Diablo III than the mind can comfortably conceive. The action RPG has been in development for some time, and if released by the end of this year (don’t hold your breath, this is Blizzard we’re talking about), the sequel will come a short 11 years after the massively successful Diablo II. If you have been lucky enough to be asked to join the beta, an email should have been sent to the address you have associated with your account and after downloading the client you will have full access to the game.

“The fiery gates leading to the Burning Hells have begun to swing open, and the Diablo III beta test is officially underway,” Blizzard’s community site announced today.

Just because you didn’t receive an email invitation this time around, that doesn’t mean you can’t fight the demon soon. “As with beta tests for other Blizzard Entertainment games, the testing process for Diablo III will occur in phases,” reads the announcement. No word on how many phases there will be or how close together the waves of invites will go out, but you can keep your fingers crossed.

Perhaps the best part of this particular announcement compared to other tests is that Diablo III beta participants are allowed (and even encouraged) to share pictures and video of their experiences with the public. “If you have a beta license, you are free to show, share, or talk about any portion of the beta content to which you have access, as this beta test is not confidential.” In other words, screw NDAS!

If you have been invited, I hate you and I am insanely jealous that you will be able to battle the forces of Hell before I will. If you haven’t, well, tough luck, but doesn’t absence make the heart grow fonder?

Ah, screw that. It’s been 11 goddamn years, Blizzard! Just let me click on some Fetish Shaman and see what loot it drops!

Source: Diablo III website

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