Diablo IV Rogue class announcement video BlizzCon 2021 BlizzConline

On the opening day of BlizzConline 2021, Blizzard provided new details about Diablo IV, focusing on the Rogue class. Game Director Luis Barriga described the class’s implementation in the upcoming title as a “re-envisioning.”

According to Barriga, the Rogue class retains its versatility from earlier iterations in the series, emphasizing complete player freedom to focus on either archery or stealth builds. He added that a deep dive on the class would be coming in a dedicated stream later today.

Barriga also shared a fresh Diablo IV trailer centering on a conversation between a Rogue and a priest as the former makes a confession of her sins before switching to a gameplay segment showcasing the class’s ranged and fast-paced melee skills, alongside some adventuring.

Diablo IV was first announced back in 2019, and Blizzard has drip-fed us information since then, including teasing open-world gameplay in the biggest setting of the series to date. The game still has no release window or official target, though PC is a safe bet. The latest consoles seem like a strong possibility as well.

The other big news from the Diablo segment of the stream is the official confirmation of a remaster of Diablo II, which was first mentioned in a report last month.

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