DICE Delays Battlefield 4 Update for Xbox One

Battlefield 4 screenshot

DICE has delayed the Xbox One patch for Battlefield 4 and instead will roll it into a future update.

While PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 players were able to download a 600MB patch yesterday to “stabilize” the shooter’s multiplayer, Xbox One players aren’t quite as lucky. In an update on the official Battlelog forums, DICE developer trydling has announced, “The update that was originally meant to go live this week of December 2 was delayed,” and they have now decided to roll these fixes to the next upcoming Xbox One update. Just in case you’re wondering, this patch should fix the one-hit kill issue, take out the Commander EMP “blur” effect and “stabilize” the game and then some.

DICE itself said it will release the complete patch notes once the title update has been released

For now, there’s no release date for the patch, as DICE mentions it’s currently undergoing “testing and certification” but DICE is hoping to release it as soon as possible, which might be late this week or early next. Odds are, the patch will be similar to the PS4 version, which, at the time of this writing, has failed to stabilize the game as intended with crashes and other technical issues still happening in-game — at least from my own experience with the game, as well as the sentiment of some people on the official Battlelog forums.

In related news, Electronic Arts has publicly announced that DICE is halting work on BF4’s upcoming expansions until the shooter’s online multiplayer component runs smoothly.

Source: Battlelog via MP1st

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