Red and Blue, the heroes of the hit animated YouTube series Dick Figures, are about to embark on their biggest adventure yet.

A few relevant stats about Dick Figures: Only a year and a half after its debut, Dick Figures is the most-viewed animated web series on YouTube. Produced by Los Angeles-based animation studio Six Point Harness, the forty episodes, spread across four seasons, have attracted over 120 million total views, 11 million new views per month and more than one million subscribers on the Mondo Media channel. And now, thanks to a successful run on Kickstarter that raised more than $313,000, a 40(ish)-minute long Dick Figures: The Movie feature is ready for release.

Written and directed by Ed Skudder and Zack Keller, Dick Figures follows the adventures of Red and Blue, who have been best friends since Red came to Earth from space to save Blue from a gang of bullies on the first day of kindergarten. Now grown up, they embark upon an epic quest to buy an “uber-awesome” birthday gift for Blue’s girlfriend Pink, but the plan goes awry when Blue learns that Red saved him not to be his friend, but just to impress the ladies. Now the best of friends are the worst of enemies as they race against time and the Takagami Demon Army to recover the Great Sword of Destiny – and maybe even their friendship – before everyone is killed!

Dick Figures: The Movie is available for a 72-hour rental for $4.99 right here on The Escapist (Check out the video below,) and may also be purchased outright from Amazon or iTunes. To find out more about the movie (and the series), hit up the Dick Figures website at or check out a few episodes on the YouTube channel.

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