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Investigate the disturbing history of Blackwood Pines and learn about Until Dawn’s backstory with these special 1952 clues. There are 27 maps, documents, newspapers and other collectibles that shed light on the night’s events; if you can find them.

Washington Lodge isn’t the only spooky location in Until Dawn. There are abandoned mines, ruined sanatoriums and crumbling cabins, and they all share something in common — a scary past. Something happened in 1952, and it’s up to you to put the pieces together. Get all the locations with the episode-by-episode instructions right here.

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1952 Collectibles Locations

Episode 1


Episode 2

1952 #1: The first past clue is found in the mines. Once you enter, you’ll take the left forking path up stairs into a passage with a creepy room on the right. Continue forward near the scaffolding to find a desk with a map of the mines pressed against the back-right wall. It’s right past the falling wood jumpscare.

Episode 3

1952 #2: As Mike, you’ll join up with Jessica and cross a small stream to discover an abandoned building. Go inside and look on the shelf to the left from your perspective.

Episode 4


Episode 5

1952 #3: Inside the sanatorium, reach the main floor and look for the lit door to the admin offices. To the right of the door is a dark alcove with a table containing a note.

1952 #6: Enter the admin office door and immediately turn left. There’s a cubicle with a safe inside. Break it open to get the clue inside.

1952 #4: In the same room, move into the far left corner. It can be hard to see, but there’s a surface with another clue.

1952 #8: Leave the first admin room and continue deeper into this area. Enter the door ahead on the left, with a bronze plaque, then continue moving right as the camera changes perspective. There’s a short hallway with an office on your left, as the camera changes perspective again. The clue is on the office desk.

1952 #5: Inside the admin area, move toward the stairs. There’s an open office to the right of the stairwell you can explore first. There’s another clue on the cabinet here.

1952 #9: Downstairs you’ll find a machete. Take it, then head toward the foreground into an optional room. Interact with the green privacy curtain to reveal an evil looking chair.

1952 #10: In the same room as the machete, you should spot a wolf’s shadow through the opening ahead. Check the office to the right of this passage

1952 #12: Following a situation with a bear trap, you’ll reach a morgue. As you enter, look on the shelves to your right. There’s a jar with a strange skull — that’s the clue.

1952 #13: For more clues, open the body drawers and check the gurney. The one on the far left is important — check the center drawer first.

1952 #11: Check the right-most interactive drawer next.

1952 #7: The last 1952 clue in this chapter is found after shooting the lock off the door with a revolver in the sanatorium. Before going down the stairs, look in the far right corner.

Episode 6


Episode 7

1952 #15: Early in the mines with Emily, move up the ramping mine tunnel to a cart on rails. You’ll need to pull the cart’s lever and release the break. Before you do, continue past it and look against the left wall.

1952 #14: Further in the mines you’ll encounter a broken elevator. It isn’t working now, but look against the back wall to the right. There’s a time clock clue under the rusted metal.

1952 #16: After falling from the ladder, you’ll land in a tunnel with boards blocking the way. Push through them, then swivel around the rocks to Emily’s right to find a dark corner with one more clue inside.

Episode 8

1952 #17: To collect this clue, you’ll need to make you sure “Hide” during the chase in Episode 7. Now, once you return to Emily, move to the right and enter the wooden shed. There’s a postcard you can collect on the surface.

1952 #18: The last collectible clues are all in one place. Switching to Ashley in the hotel, she automatically picks up a book. Make sure you flip backwards to get the first clue.

1952 #19-#22: These clues are found in the same book as #18. Continue flipping pages forward to get the rest.

Episode 9

1952 #23: Back in the sanatorium, enter the unlocked gate in the back left of the chapel and step outside. There’s a graveyard at the end of the path.

1952 #24: Leaving the first building, Mike will eventually reach a psychiatric secondary building. Taking the stairs down, turn left and enter the cell. The clue is on the desk inside.

1952 #25: Entering the hallway with the B-Wing sign over the arch, turn and walk into the foreground. The hall leads up to a room on your right. Go inside and interact with the projector.

1952 #27: Go back into the hallway and continue toward the foreground, turning a corner and reaching another open door, this time on your left. Check the desk with the lamp inside.

1952 #26: In the same room as #27, look in the background for light streaming through a cracked wall. Shoot off the lock and check the clue on the body.

Episode 10


Trophy Unlocked

The Fateful Descent (Gold):
The group found all the clues from the 1952 Clueline

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