Dig Up Every Amber Brick in LEGO Jurassic World With Our Locations Guide

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Complete your collection of dino DNA in LEGO Jurassic World with the full list of Amber Brick locations.

Become a true Jurassic Park scientist and mess with the forces of nature with your own customizable dinosaur. The more Amber Bricks you find, the more options you’ll have to swap heads, bodies and tails in the dino lab.

Unlock tons of characters with our full list of LEGO Jurassic World cheat codes, complete with extra bonus modes and vehicles.

Amber Bricks Locations Guide

There are a total of 20 Amber Bricks in LEGO Jurassic World. To collect Amber Bricks, play each level in “Freeplay” mode to switch characters and access previously unreachable areas.

Amber #1: Prologue – In the section where you need to reconstruct the vehicle and find handlebars, there’s a dark cave to the left. Enter it with a Night-Vision Goggles character.

Amber #2: Welcome to Jurassic Park – To the right of the gate with the Triceratops enclosure, there’s a breakable wall in the background near a red/yellow ladder. Switch to the Triceratops and ramp the wall.

Amber #3: Park Shutdown – During the T-Rex chase, throw three flairs into the roaring dinosaur’s mouth, then stick to the left-side of the track from the player’s perspective.

Amber #4: Restoring Power – In the Maintenance Shed area, right at the beginning, head down the steps and look right. There’s a pile of dinosaur dung. Switch to a character willing to interact with the smelly heap.

Amber #5: The Visitor Center – While inside the computer room, look on the left side for breakable glass. Have Lex scream to shatter the glass and get the last amber brick for JP1.

Amber #6: Isla Sorna – In the area with the spiked tail dinosaur, switch to a playable dinosaur that can ram rock formations. There are three boulders here. Break all three to get an amber brick reward.

Amber #7: InGen Arrival – Outside the green segmented trailer vehicle, switch to a character that can jump high to climb the rungs and reach the top of the trailer while it’s hanging over the cliff.

Amber #8: The Hunted – Save all five mercenaries being menaced by Velociraptors in the tall grass to gain the amber brick. You’ll need a character that will dive into dinosaur dung and a character equipped with a camera to complete this challenge.

Amber #9: Communications Center – Outside the Garage, switch to a Velociraptor and sniff the green smell cloud. Follow it to a dig site and construct the pieces into a electricity target point. Shoot it with a taser weapon. The garage sign will light up. Finally, shoot the reticule that appears on the garage sign.

Amber #10: San Diego – On the boat, look to the left of the large cage and right of the banging cargo hold. There’s an open shipping container in the background. Switch to a character that can enter the darkness and check it out.

Amber #11: The Landing Site – In the area where you build stairs on the pushable brick surface, look in the background. There’s a radio tower with a wall-jump pad. Switch to a character with high-jumps

Amber #12: The Spinosaurus – At the airplane wing crash site with the thick vines, dive into the pile of dung and construct the bricks into a handhold. To get the amber brick, switch to a Velociraptor and target the handhold to pounce and reach the platform.

Amber #13: Breeding Facility – As you enter the doors of the facility, there’s a computer desk to the right. Jump on the monitor to reach a handhold above with a high-jumping character. Walk over the narrow beams to the ladder in the background, climb up, and you’ll find the amber brick on the right.

Amber #14: Eric Kirby – While playing as Eric Kirby, look for a pile of dung on the left side of the screen. Walk to the ledge further left to discover a red/white marker. Jump across the gap with a character equipped with a parachute. To the left, use a high-jumper to leap over the fence, then switch to a Velociraptor and leap onto the InGen crate.

Amber #15: The Bird Cage – On the catwalks, there’s a planting spot to the left of a yellow crate. Use Ellie (Montana) to make a jump pad appear. Jump onto the metal catwalk roof on the left and climb across the cliff further left. Keep running left across the rooftop and onto another catwalk to find an amber brick.

Amber #16: Welcome to Jurassic World – Inside the Indominus Rex enclosure, use Supervisor Nick on the panel in the center to lower the gate surrounding an amber brick.

Amber #17: Gyrosphere Valley – To get this amber brick, wait until you reach the jungle area. There’s a series of ramps in the background once the camera pans to a side-scrolling perspective. Make the last ramp jump to reach a higher ledge leading to the brick.

Amber #18: Out of Bounds – After building the buzzsaw and cutting through the plants, switch to a character armed with a rifle and shoot all three target points.

Amber #19: Under Attack – To the left of the Music store, across the agility poles and over the electrified water, slide under the open door of the Clothes store to find another amber.

Amber #20: Main Street Showdown – Inside the building with the dinosaur bones in the dirt, look left for a security terminal. Hack it to open the door to the “Extraction” lab. Use a character that can sneak by cameras, then a character to activate the handscanner to the left of the amber containers.

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