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Digimon Survive Release Date Finally Set for July

Digimon Survive release date set for July by bandai namco and witchcraft PC nintendo switch playstation 4 ps4 xbox one

Publisher Bandai Namco and developer Witchcraft have finally settled on a Digimon Survive release date, pinning the game down for a July 29, 2022 launch on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Bandai Namco producer Kazumasa Habu announced the Digimon Survive release date in a special “Producer Update” video today. He acknowledged that the wait has been long but teases that there are even more updates coming.

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“The Digimon Survive team is planning to deliver more exciting news to you in all forms,” Habu said. “Please forward to it, and stay tuned. We’re almost there!”

Digimon Survive was revealed all the way back in 2018 as a celebration of the monster-collecting franchise’s 20th anniversary. This is a turn-based tactical RPG set in the world of Digimon, and Bandai Namco and Witchcraft say fans can also expect a choice-driven narrative to guide them through the experience. Here is an overview of what to expect from the story:

Digimon Survive sees a brand-new group of teenagers, led by Takuma Momozuka, get lost on a school camping trip, finding them transported to a strange new world of monsters and danger. As they fight their way back home through an animated world of difficult decisions and deadly battles, players’ choices throughout the game will impact the evolution of their monster allies, and the final ending.

Digimon Survive finally hits PC and consoles in July. Coincidentally, it arrives on the same day as Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and one week after Live A Live, so July is suddenly a dense month for RPGs.

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