Dishonored Enters “The Mind of Madness”


It’s time for your morning dose of happiness, courtesy of The Tales From Dunwall.

Remember when the neo-Victorian Steampunk paradise of Dunwall looked like a really cool place? Neither do I. Now when I think of Dunwall, I think of a filthy, crumbling hellhole, rotten with disease, vermin and the cruelty of men, where people die pointlessly, horrifically and alone.

The good news is that nobody appears to die in “In the Mind of Madness,” the third and mercifully final episode of The Tales From Dunwall. That’s not to say it’s a happy ending by any stretch, and in fact the central character, Piero, is a haunted man teetering on the brink of madness, who finds redemption only as an instrument of Death itself. But at least there are no small, abandoned children, shivering into eternal blackness as blood weeps from their eyes. (Except for the one he keeps dreaming about, that is.)

The world is set and the mask is ready. All that remains is for Dishonored to live up to the hype. October 9 is when we find out.

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