As part of their Thanksgiving celebration, the folks at Disney are giving away five toy boxes for Disney Infinity.

While you were preparing to stuff your face with Thanksgiving chow, the folks at Disney were rolling out five complimentary toy boxes for Disney Infinity. And now that the holiday is over (and you’ve had a chance to recover), all of those little Disney characters are practically begging for your attention.

“Our first complimentary toy box for you is the ‘Sky Trials’ toy box,” said Allison Petrek, Infinity’s community manager. “This test of skill and courage will send you hurdling through an expansive environment, and task you to complete a series of puzzles.”

The set also includes two Toy Story-themed toy boxes. In “Toy Story Claw,” players will search for ten lost aliens and return them to the safety of their spaceship. “Toy Story Racer,” on the other hand, is a space-themed racetrack that has been heavily influenced by kart racers like Mario Kart and Sonic & All-Stars Racing.

“Big Thunder” was inspired by Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride. So, if you’ve ever been to a Disney park, it’ll fire all of the nostalgia neurons in your brain.

The last offering is a sequel to the “Sky Gauntlet” toy box that many Infinity players are familiar with. According to Allison Petrek, “Sky Gauntlet II” will really “test your skills, but you are going to have a high-flying blast a long the way.”

All of the toy boxes are currently available, and unlike most Disney-branded items, they’re free. Just select “Toy Box Share” from Infinity’s toy box menu, and you should have no problem collecting the maps.

Source: Disney Infinity on YouTube

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