An upcoming Disney/Pixar film centered on the adventures of two robots will be turned into a videogame, publisher THQ has announced.

WALL/E billed as a romantic, futuristic, interstellar robot story, is due out in June 2008.

THQ’s role in producing a game based on the film is rooted in a 2004 agreement that gives the publisher rights to four new properties, including this one and Ratatouille.

THQ studio Heavy Iron Studios will take the lead on the game. While no release date has been specified, the game is expected to be released concurrently with the film.

Players will take control of the film’s two main characters, robots that fall in love, amid heaps of garbage left behind by consumer-driven humans.

The game will be available for all formats: consoles, hand-helds, the PC, Mac and even wireless devices.


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