Disney Princesses Meet Warcraft In This Fan Art Mash-Up

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disney meets warcraft snow white

DeviantArt’s LiberLibelua has shown us what Disney Princesses might look like from Warcraft‘s Azeroth.

The past year has been inspirational for artists who specialize in Disney mash-ups. We’ve seen the Disney Princesses as Final Fantasy job classes, Avatar: The Last Airbender characters, and even zombie apocalypse survivors. But we simply still haven’t hit the roof on these, which is why we can introduce a Disney mash-up with one of the most recognizable game franchises: Warcraft.

Designed by DeviantArt’s LiberLibelua, these “Disney Meets Warcraft” pieces introduce versions of the Princesses from the fantasy-inspired Azeroth. Snow White, for example, is now a Dwarf from Forjaz. Ariel is a curious Gnome. Cinderella is a Draenei. Beauty and the Beast‘s Belle is a Pandaren. Even Mulan is here, as an Orc fighting for the Horde. And the reinterpretations keep on coming.

LiberLibelua’s work covers classic and modern Disney Princesses, and shows a good eye for getting to the essence of each character. I imagine these are the races each Princess would pick when they get together to play tabletop RPGs, since playing MMOs at computer screens isn’t a dynamic image. Although given the talents of fan artists out there, it’s possible someone will prove me wrong on that score very soon.

Source: DeviantArt

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