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Henshin a go-go, baby! See how to explore all three optional story branches in Chroma Squad with our quick guide, leading your intrepid band of Sentai heroes down three familiar plot points.

The tropes keep on coming and Chroma Squad is not about to disappoint fans by skipping out on the genre’s best cliches. Naturally, there are going to be spoilers explaining what it takes to split the story so keep scrolling at your own risk.

Chroma Squad is the greatest Power Rangers simulator around. Instead of playing as copy-written protectors of Earth, you command a fresh team of stunt-people looking to start their own rainbow-colored sci-fi action show. Taking place over multiple seasons, you fight cheap costumed monsters in turn-based battles to make fans and income. Once the cash rolls in, you’ll get a chance to upgrade the studio, hire new actors, and purchase outfits to customize the team. The story even forks at a very specific point. It’s got all the staples of an instant indie classic.

If you’re as confused by the game’s currency as we were, check out this Chroma Squad: Income / Fan Conversion Guide to see how to do the math.

Alternate Endings & Branching Routes Story Guide

There are three endings in Chroma Squad. To check them all out, you’ll need to make specific choices — defeating a certain character, or accepting their offer.

On the Season 4 Finale episode, the squad faces off against Lord Gaga and Tammy. Depending on who you defeat, the story can branch off in three ways.

Sixth Ranger Route

To go down the Sixth Ranger story path;

  • Defeat Lord Gaga in combat, spare Tammy.
  • Agree to let Tammy join Chroma Squad.

Rider Route

To go down the Rider story path;

  • Defeat Tammy in combat.
  • Continue the fight and defeat Lord Gaga.

Metal Hero Route

To go down the Metal Hero story path;

  • Defeat Lord Gaga in combat, spare Tammy.
  • Do not agree to let Tammy join Chroma Squad.

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