Divinity: Original Sin Alpha Begins, But You Probably Shouldn’t Bother


The first alpha build of Divinity: Original Sin is now available, but Larian Entertainment thinks you should probably stay away from it (even though you won’t).

Alpha access to Larian’s Divinity: Original Sin was opened to Kickstarter backers today, but the email announcing the launch began with a rather unusual message. “Before you rush in and get your alpha code, please watch/read the following messages. We know, you most likely won’t, but still, there’s some important stuff in here,” it says. “The most important thing is: If you want a smooth, balanced & stable experience without performance problems, wait for release! Seriously!”

As Larian chief Swen Vincke explained in an accompanying video, the team wants people to try it out but doesn’t want to disappoint anyone who isn’t prepared for an alpha-state game. “It is fun to play, but it will most likely crash on you,” he said. “It’s unbalanced, there are several features that are missing, your saved games are not 100 percent reliable so from time to time you might actually encounter situations that your saved game corrupts your game… You are going to encounter things that are pink, which would then definitely be an indication that something is a placeholder.”

It’s a perfectly normal state of affairs because Larian is still working on the game, but one Vincke is clearly concerned that not everyone fully grasps. “If you say, ‘No, I can’t handle it if I’m playing for ten hours and I have to redo everything because my saved game is corrupt,’ then please stay as far away as possible from it until we say the game is finished enough that you can starting enjoying it,” he said.

If you think you can handle the heat (and you’re a backer), instructions for accessing the Divinity: Original Sin alpha are available at Kickstarter; but if what you’re after is a stable, solid RPG experience, then you’d probably be well advised to hold off for awhile.

Source: Kickstarter

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