Have you ever wanted to see DJs battling it out in a post-apocalyptic abstraction of mixing some phat beats? No? Too bad, because you’re getting it anyway.

This video gets weirder and weirder every time I watch it, but it also gets more awesome every time I watch it, too. I’m pretty sure I’ve worked out what the giant destruction robot (and the city in general) are supposed to mean, I get the huge amplifier tower that blows everything to shreds, but one thing still isn’t clicking – what the hell does the 18-wheeler truck represent here?

At any rate, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this video because part of the fun is seeing it yourself (and boggling when you realize how unlike the Guitar Hero intros it is … maybe not GH3).

But man, if the actual game lets me do half of the stuff that the guys pull in the above video, I’m freakin’ sold.

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