PM Studios have unveiled Platinum Crew, a service for their hardcore DJ Max rhythm games that will feature online ranking boards and, here’s the good part, hand out some legitimately rare prizes to top players each month.

You probably haven’t heard of PM Studios and Pentavision’s DJ Max franchise, but that’s understandable. These are some serious music games – the kind that make you say “how the hell are you supposed to play that” when you see a video of someone playing it (seriously, how do you do this). Outside of the land of Starcraft otherwise known as South Korea, DJ Max hasn’t really taken off in a big way, but if you’ve got a taste for some hardcore feats of rhythm and dexterity (not to mention dig Asian pop tunes), DJ Max Fever‘s on the PSP for the getting.

There’s no better time than now to try it out, actually, as PM Studios has just unveiled Platinum Crew, an online service and community site that’ll provide online ranking, stat tracking and more for Fever and its arcade cousin DJ Max Technika. Best of all, Platinum Crew will provide a way for eager fans to get their hands on some seriously limited swag.

The service starts its rollout in April, with Fever getting a ranking system through its official site. Technika, meanwhile, will get regularly released new content via Platinum Club. The full service is expected to be up and running this fall, and PM Studios is promising plenty more new stuff to come.

Anyway, about that free swag: Every month, PM will announce a new ranking contest, and winners will receive DJ Max merchandise, including the DJ Max Fever Limited Edition. Unlike the limited editions of games that you can find at Best Buy two years later, this thing’s actually seriously scarce: there are only 30 copies in existence, and each one is customized for the winner and autographed by the Fever team. Inside you’ll find the game, a soundtrack, art book, puzzle, postcards and a, uh, mask. For when you don’t want people seeing you playing this game on the bus, I guess.

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