Mass Effect 2 Producer Casey Hudson says BioWare will bridge the gap to Mass Effect 3 with a “continued stream of DLC,” although it’ll be quite awhile before the company is ready to actually talk about the new game.

The Mass Effect 2 DLC selection has been pretty soft so far, with only one update, Kasumi’s Stolen Memory, providing any kind of plot-based action. But Hudson said BioWare has big plans for the future, including DLC that will expand the story beyond the conclusion of Mass Effect 2 and eventually lead into Mass Effect 3.

“We have a bunch of packs that are in the works right now,” he told “So, for the time being there’s going to be a continued stream of DLC for people. We’ll start to have packs that’ll tell the story between Mass Effect 2 and 3. But beyond that we kind of have to see how people are responding to what we have and go from there.”

BioWare has a new DLC pack entitled Overlord scheduled to come out in June. In it, Commander Shepard and his team will square off against a rogue AI that’s taken over a Cerberus base and is trying to get off-planet.

Work on the third game in the series is currently underway but Hudson added, “It probably won’t be for quite a few months that we talk about Mass Effect 3.”

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