Will the world be constructing additional Pylons and Zerg rushing on May 22nd, or are these commercials for something else?

The video you see above is the first of three StarCraft-themed commercials, apparently produced for Korean Air – commercials that could potentially give away the long-awaited game’s release date.

Each of the commercials is themed around one of the game’s three iconic races. The Protoss Dark Templar uses its cloaking to touch the girl seated in front of it, a hapless air traffic controller needs to deal with a Terran Dropship, and an unlucky flier finds himself sitting next to a goo-spewing Zerg Hydralisk.

All three of the commercials close on a shot of a Korean Air plane, labeling 5/22/10 as “D-Day,” and asking the viewer: “Are you ready?” The thought that immediately springs to mind, of course, is that these commercials are revealing the StarCraft II launch date. The game is incredibly popular in Korea, which would seem to lend credibility to the rumors – and it would be almost exactly three years to the day after the first unveiling of StarCraft II on May 19th, 2007 in Seoul.

On the other hand, IncGamers raises some very good rebuttals: All of the quotes / units involved are from the first StarCraft, rather than its much-publicized sequel, for one. This could just be a promotion for Korean Air, and have nothing to do with SC2.

For another, would Blizzard really let one of its most highly-anticipated secrets be leaked by, of all things, an airline company? That’d be a bit too sloppy for the notoriously tightly-kept studio.

Still, it’s worth crossing our fingers – one of the best games of 2010 could be just a month away. Here’s to hoping.

In case you were curious, here are the other two commercials:

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