Doctor Who Fan Turns Doctors Into “Dogtors”


Artist and Doctor Who fan Christie Cox has turned all 13 Doctors into “Dogtors” – a sheepdog, flandoole, doberman, long-haired chihuahua and more.

Have you ever wondered what the Doctor would look like as a dog? Neither have I, but artist Christie Cox has – and she also possesses the talent to bring the idea to life. In a colored pencil gallery of “Dogtors,” Cox rendered all 12 Doctors, plus the War Doctor, as man’s best friend, and absolutely nails all of them.

“I chose the dogs to use mainly based on looks… and to get a variety of sizes to make it more visually interesting,” she wrote. “I understand that there are other options, maybe even better ones that I didn’t think of because there are sooooo many types of dogs!” Nonetheless, she added that she’s happy with her choices and thinks they all look like their respective Doctors, an assessment I’d have to agree with.

Tom Baker’s Flandoodle works particularly well for me, although that’s likely in part because he’s “my” Doctor, and Christopher Eccleston’s Doberman is dead-on as much for the nature of the character as for its stone-cold stare. And while I didn’t realize that the tenth Doctor wore glasses, David Tennant’s Chihuahua counterpart is just about perfect.

For the sake of convenience (and to show how spot-on her work is), I’ve attached images of the “real” Doctors from the BBC’s Doctor Who site to Cox’s four-legged counterparts. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m impressed. The original Dogtor Who gallery, along with plenty of other work, is up on Deviantart and also at the Art of Christie Cox Facebook page.

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