Doctor Who Games Score Second Season


Everyone’s favorite Time Lord will once again be materializing in people’s computers, doing battle with monsters and aliens while wearing incredibly cool bow ties.

The success of the Doctor Who adventure games has prompted the BBC to commission another series. The first three episodes of season one have been downloaded more than 1.6 million times to date, with a fourth and final episode still to come.

The new episodes will again feature Matt Smith and Karen Gillen as the Doctor and Amy Pond, and will be produced by – amongst others – lead writer Steven Moffat.

The BBC’s head of multiplatform in vision, Simon Nelson, said that it would be “daft” not to commission a second season after the success of the first. According to Nelson, not only are the download figures high, the feedback the BBC has received has been overwhelmingly positive. He said that for many people, the Doctor Who games were the first games they had ever downloaded. He believed that the games had introduced a lot of people to a new type of drama, and had pushed the idea of families playing together.

The Doctor Who games are available to download free of charge for UK residents, or for a small fee for those outside the country. The final, and as yet untitled, episode of season one of the games will be released for PC and Mac later this year, with the new season starting up in 2011.

Source: MCV

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