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The Humble Doctor Who Comics Bundle features the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors as they traverse time, space, and 61 comic book adventures.

Humble Bundle has decided to release yet another comic book collection, even in the midst of Spring Sales and extensive daily deals. Not that we’re complaining; the previous Image Comics Bundle was certainly successful, but what exactly can this bundle offer that helps it stand out? As it turns out, Doctor Who, the perpetually-regenerating time traveler equipped with a TARDIS and his trusty sonic-screwdriver. As Doctor Who‘s comic book rights switch from IDW Publishing to Titan Comics, IDW and Humble Bundle are offering most of the publisher’s back catalog for a mere $15. That’s 14 graphic novels, a standalone one-shot, and even the Doctor Who: Legacy Android game for good measure, while Humble Bundle promises that more is coming.

IDW’s Doctor Who comic presented untold adventures of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, originally portrayed by David Tennant and Matt Smith. Doctor Who: Series 1 covered a standalone “season” of 16 issues, introducing new companions exclusive to the books. Doctor Who: Series 2 and 3 brought the Eleventh Doctor to comics, focusing on his adventures with Amy and Rory between the fifth and sixth TV seasons. The 50th Anniversary series Prisoners of Time gathered all 11 incarnations of the Doctor to face a threat no one time-traveler could stop alone. Finally, the bundle wraps things up with the aforementioned Legacy game and The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who, where Matt Smith’s Doctor is transported to our own universe.

There’s still quite a few books Humble Bundle could add to complete the collection, including the Tenth Doctor’s pre-Series 1 adventures and the Star Trek crossover Assimilation¬≤. Still, even if nothing else was added this is already an impressive deal, considering it includes 61 issues for the price of a discounted graphic novel. Each ebook comes in DRM-Free formats that can be read on various devices, while a portion of proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders (heh) and The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Combined, this should certainly tide Whovians over until Peter Capaldi makes his Doctor Who debut and get readers excited for what Titan Comics has lined up.

Source: Humble Bundle

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