Doctor Who Season 9 Prologue Keeps Things Mysterious


The new Doctor Who is entering it’s ninth season on Sept. 19, and what’s a new season without a tease to get us talking and speculating.

OK, I’ll admit that it has taken awhile for Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor to grow on me as the supposed last regeneration of Doctor Who. I like both Matt Smith and David Tennant better, but I digress. Capaldi enters his second season as Doctor Who, the ninth overall for the latest reincarnation of the really old franchise. And to tease the new season, we get a cryptic prologue set on the Planet Karn.

The last time we saw this planet was in the mini-episode “Night of the Doctor,” where we were introduced to the Doctor without a number, John Hurt, after he takes over for #8 Paul McGann. We see Capaldi talking to Ohila, one of the sisters of Karn. They chat about a meeting that the Doctor has been invited to by an enemy. We also see him give her his Last Will and Testament (see the Season 9 trailer below) before he goes off to meditate before leaving. Ohila leaves him with a final thought that he can’t hide from his friends.

OK, in the two teaser trailers below, we see numerous old enemies of the Doctor, including the exterminate-happy Daleks and the red suckerfolk Zygons and even Missy, the female incarnation of The Master. We know that Missy somehow gets hold of the Will given to Ohila. And why isn’t Clara in the prologue? Everything else is a bit of a mystery, but of course, that’s what good teasers do.

So let’s indulge a little bit. What do you think it all means? What tidbits can you pull from the prologue and the teasers to the Season 9 premiere “The Magician’s Apprentice” that give a clue about what we will see? Take it to the comments, folks.

Source: BBC

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