Does Brütal Legend Have A Publisher?


Nothing’s been confirmed yet, but it’s looking like Brütal Legend, the heavy metal adventure currently in development at Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions, may finally have a publisher.

Back in November, Schafer unveiled a color-coded “News Threat Level” scheme to help readers determine when something newsworthy was about to happen, or was happening, or had happening, or wasn’t going to happen. “Toasted Salmon,” for instance, is the lowest ranking, indicating a general sense of ignorance about the future, while higher up the scale, a state of “Subpoena Blue” means you should keep hitting your refresh button, because “big news is coming on like a sneeze.”

Earlier this week, the Double Fine Action News Threat Level was upgraded to “International Ochre,” a state described as, “WTF? News this week? Yes!” And potentially big news it may be, as Schafer hinted strongly that the game may finally have a publisher.

“Good god, the suspense is killing me,” he wrote in the News Threat Alert. “I hope it’s something about a publisher. Because that would totally save my Christmas.”

In October it was revealed that Brütal Legend, which found itself cut loose from original publisher Sierra after the merger between Vivendi and Activision, was still without a publisher, and worse, that Activision appeared to be actively blocking the studio’s attempts to find a home elsewhere. Could all that drama finally be coming to an end? Keep your eyes peeled for “Irreverent Periwinkle,” hopefully coming soon!

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