How Well Does Disney Speedstorm Run on the Steam Deck

Does Disney Speedstorm Work on The Steam Deck?

Disney Speedstorm is the latest entry into the battle kart genre, currently available in Early Access on Steam. It’s set in the Disney universe, utilizing classic characters and themes to create a compelling set of tracks. Disney Speedstorm is the kind of game that seems perfect to play a few races here and there on the Steam Deck, but its current status is unverified.

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So, How Well Does Disney Speedstorm Run on Steam Deck?

Having played it first on my PC, it’s a very graphically impressive game. It features high quality characters, karts, and tracks. Some tracks, like the one based on Pirates of the Caribbean, have tons of environmental effects going off in addition to the action among the racers. Considering that, I wasn’t sure how well it would hold up on the Steam Deck.

After booting it up on the handheld and loading into a race with my boy Goofy, I can tell you that I was pretty damn impressed. It seems to be very well optimized, running without any noticeable issues in my time playing it on Steam Deck. 

As a benchmark, I tested a race on the Pirates of the Caribbean track, and even when the Kraken tentacle is slamming down and the cannonballs are going off as you race towards the finish line, I didn’t notice the Steam Deck dropping the ball.

I even tried suspending the game during a race, went and made lunch, then came back, resumed and was back in the action without running into any issues. The seamlessness of it all is great to see.

I suspect that it will very quickly be upgraded to the ‘plays great on Steam Deck’ status, as it really does deserve it. From navigating the menus to loading into races, everything performed as well as it did on PC, and it still looked excellent on the Steam Deck screen. There’s enough screen real estate that you can keep track of what’s going on and win your races with no problems.

And that’s all you need to know about how well Disney Speedstorm runs on the Steam Deck. If you’re one of the growing number of people enjoying the Steam handheld and are interested in this game, I can give you the thumbs up!   

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