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Yes, Doge Mode is something the developers at Avalanche Studios included in Just Cause 3. Against our better judgement, we’re going to show you how to unlock the Easter egg for yourself.

Just Cause 3 doesn’t take its destruction very seriously, and neither should you. If you’re like us and want to know what ‘Doge Mode’ actually does, it’s basically exactly like that years-old meme. You know the one. Much die. Such danger. Many explosion. That’s the sort of text you’ll see pop-up on-screen as you shoot, explode, and grapple across the environment.

Keep scrolling to see how this goofy mode is unlocked, or check out our opinion on the finished product with the Just Cause 3 Review on The Escapist.

Doge Mode Easter Egg Guide

Let’s cut to the chase. Follow these steps to unlock the Doge Mode Easter egg.

  • 1. Travel to the town of Soliana in Massos. It’s just southeast of Capite Est.
  • 2. Across the street from the Garage, you’ll see a mess of burnt out wreckage. Explore the dump until you find a tiny black dog.
  • 3. Right next to the Garage, there’s a building with a dog house in the front yard. Walk the tiny dog across the street and lead him to the dog house.
  • 4. If the dog gets across the street safely, a message will appear: “You’ve discover the elusive Salirosan Skramp. Doge Mode Unlocked.”
  • 5. Now open ‘Menu’ and select ‘Options’. Scroll down to the option beneath ‘HUD’ — yep, it’s ‘DOGE’.

Now you can toggle Doge Mode on or off at will. While Doge Mode is active, multi-colored text appears over explosions and kills. Text like “MANY CHAOS” or “LUK OUT FOR SHRAPNEL” — it’s the meme text in game form. Wow.

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