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Become a Sentai smash-hit in Chroma Squad by learning how income and fans are generated through your audience. Get all the stats on conversion rate right here.

In Chroma Squad you command a team of stuntmen as they start their very own Power Rangers-esque television show. By pleasing your audience and unlocking certain studio upgrades, you’ll get improved income or fan conversion rates from your viewing audience. Viewers become lifelong fans, and watchers provide sweet funds to make your next seasons even better.

It isn’t always clear what all those stats mean in the game’s current form. Learn how much money and esteem you’ll earn with improved conversion rates in the quick guide below.

How Income / Fan Conversion Works

Following each episode and completing combat, viewership (audience) is converted into income and fans. The percentage of income and fans you earn is dependent on your studio upgrades and other factors.

Your Fan Conversion Rate and Income Conversation Rate scores can be improved by purchasing new upgrades. The numbers themselves don’t mean much alone — the exact rates aren’t totally clear. Let’s learn more about what those numbers mean.

Income / Fan Conversion Rates

Income / Fan Conversion Rate is a simple percentage conversion. Each point score translates to a score taken from the audience total.

For example, with an audience of 2000, a Fan Conversion Rate of 5, and an Income Conversion Rate of 10, you’ll get 5% of 1200 (60) and 10% of 1200 (120).

  • Examples:
    • Income Conversion Rate 2 — 24 (2% / 1200)
    • Fan Conversion Rate 1 ——- 12 (1% / 1200)
    • Income Conversion Rate 10 — 120 (10% / 1200)
    • Fan Conversion Rate 5 ——— 60 (5% / 1200)
    • Income Conversion Rate 15 — 180 (15% / 1200)
    • Fan Conversion Rate 10 ——- 120 (10% / 1200)

When purchasing upgrades or improving your studio, gear, or performance always have these numbers in mind for smooth and easy progression. Lack of viewer interest won’t stop Chroma Squad!

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Kevin Thielenhaus is a freelance writer for The Escapist. Find him on Twitter here.

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