Don’t Miss Every Optional Photo Moment in Episode 2 of Life is Strange With These Locations

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Earn every trophy in Episode 2 of Life is Strange with these hidden optional photo locations.

The story continues, taking Chloe and Max outside the school grounds to explore diners and junkyards with ten more artistic photo opportunities.

Complete your trophy collection in Life is Strange with our Episode 1 Photo Locations Guide.

Episode Two – Optional Photos Guide

There are ten optional photo locations available in Episode 2: Out of Time. Each has a unique achievement / trophy attached to completion.

Optional Photo #1 – Field of View

On the way to return a book to Kate, check out the caged bunny to the left before reaching her desk. Step close to get the “Photo” interaction and unlock the first optional photo achievement.

Optional Photo #2 – Full Exposure

Leaving the dormitories, return to the tree marked with a “Make Art” tag along the edge of the traversable area. In the first episode, you’d find a squirrel here. Nearby, there’s a bench and a trash can. Choose “Look” then “Use” to leave a treat for our squirrel pal. Stay back until the squirrel goes for the food, then return to the bench and snap a photo.

Optional Photo #3 – Processor

Once you reach the town, you’ll head toward a place called the “Two Whales Diner” — look at the large sign above the entrance to spot a far-off “Photo” opportunity.

Optional Photo #4 – Image Stabilizer

Circle around the right side of the diner and enter the alley. Continue beyond the old car and the homeless lady, all the way to a chain link fence. On the other side of the fence, there’s a motor home and a mangy dog. Focus on the dog to get a “Photo” option.

Optional Photo #5 – Compressed

Inside the diner itself, go to the bathroom to the left of the counter. There’s some graffiti on the mirrors that reads “Fire Walk With Me” — look at that one to discover an optional photo location.

Optional Photo #6 – Pixelated

This one is tricky. At the junkyard, Chloe will ask for four bottles to use as target practice. Directly opposite Chloe’s position, you should see a junked school bus outside your walking range. Carefully position yourself at about 3/4 view of the bus to get a “Photo” option to appear.

Optional Photo #7 – Dynamic Range

Next, continue to the field beyond the bus where a wild deer is standing near the trees. Circle around the school bus and walk past the tree stump to find this doe. Get just close enough for the “Photo” option to appear.

Optional Photo #8 – Colorized

After shooting the bottles, Chloe will relax on the car hood, aiming the gun at the sky. Don’t talk to her yet — instead, walk over to the grass to her left and take a picture while she’s posing.

Optional Photo #9 – Meter Made

Back at school, enter the science classroom. Talk to Warren, then select “Potassium” to get a small puff of smoke. Rewind time and talk to him again, then choose the “Lots of Potassium” option. Rewind time yet again, talk to Ms. Grant and select “Experiment” — return to Warren and choose “Chlorine” this time. Finally, a “Photo” option will appear over Warren once the experiment is successful.

Optional Photo #10 – Resolution Revolution

Leave the science class and cross the hall to find Alyssa looking out the window. Approach her and you’ll find an easy opportunity to get the final photo achievement.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Lab Master (45 points / Bronze):
    Take all optional photos in Episode 2: Out of Time

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