Don’t Miss Out On This Optional Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC Boss

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Even if you’ve slain the final boss in The Old Hunters, there’s a fifth battle that’s easy to miss. See how to bring Laurence, the First Vicar to life and truly complete the first and final expansion to Bloodborne.

Climactic boss battles provide the most intense challenges in Bloodborne. While this particular boss is completely, totally optional, he’ll drop the Beast’s Embrace Rune. This Covenant Rune changes the Hunter into a wolf-like beast, just like the strange hunter you might encounter while exploring a dead-end corner of Hunter’s Nightmare.

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How to Fight the Optional Fifth Boss Battle

Laurence, the First Vicar is a completely optional boss located in the Hunter’s Nightmare.

It is impossible to miss the beast — he’s found in the Nightmare Grand Cathedral, his corpse strewn over the altar where you’ll normally find the Eye Pendant.

Taking the Eye Pendant does not activate the flaming beast. Instead, you’ll need to return with a very different item: Laurence’s Skull.

Follow these steps to fight Laurence, the First Vicar.

  • 1. Up the central stairs of the Hunter’s Nightmare and past the giant axe-wielding executioner, you’ll find the Nightmare Grand Cathedral. Laurence, the First Vicar is on the altar with the Eye Pendant.
  • 2. The Eye Pendant activates the elevator leading up to the Research Hall, in the large building above Ludwig’s boss chamber.
  • 3. Return to this elevator once it is activated. Ride it down from the Research Hall, then step on the lift again to send it up. Jump off and stay below the Research Hall.
  • 4. Another elevator will rise up from below. The altar contains Laurence’s Skull. You can also ride the lift down to get the Church Cannon.
  • 5. Now that you have Laurence’s Skull, return to the Nightmare Grand Cathedral altar and use it. This brings Laurence back to life and initiates the optional boss fight.

He might not look that intimidating, but this totally optional boss has an array of explosive fire-based elemental attacks.

Defeat him to get the Beast’s Embrace Rune, which transforms the player into a beast. Like the Milkweed Rune, this is placed in the Covenant slot and is part of The Blood Beast Covenant.

Enjoy your new mane of ratty beast hair! Don’t forget to drop a comment if there’s something we missed, or if you think Beast Mode is pretty awesome.

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