Doom Gets New Update, Free Multiplayer DLC, and a Free Weekend


There’s a new Doom patch out now, and it’s making all multiplayer DLC free, as well as making big changes to the game, its progression system, and more.

Today, id Software has rolled out the newest update for Doom. The aptly titled “Update 6.66” brings a host of changes to the popular shooter, in addition to a bunch of bug fixes. One of the biggest changes is that all the multiplayer DLC is now free for everyone that owns the game.

The announcement comes in a post on, which says that the company has “retired the season pass,” and is making “all of the multiplayer DLC content available to all players.” That comes out to a total of nine maps, three guns, three playable demons, new equipment, new armor sets, and more.

The update has also completely revamped the game’s multiplayer progression system, doing away with the random unlocks. The new system allows you to focus on the gear you want, rather than hoping for a random drop. Alongside the new system, id is resetting all player levels to zero. However, it is also offering veteran players the option to keep all their existing items, or to completely reset their progress and start over. Veteran players will also be receiving a special badge, and anyone who has made it to the max Slayer level will get recognized with a badge for that as well.

The Hack Module System has been replaced with a Runes system similar to the one found in the single-player campaign. Multiplayer Runes are “persistent player abilities earned and included in a player loadout” that do not have to be activated, and never expire.

There are also improvements to the game’s UI and menus, updates to post match summaries, and more. You can find a complete list of the changes, as well as all the fixes included in the patch, in the complete patch notes and FAQ for patch 6.66.

Bethesda is also offering up a free weekend for anyone who hasn’t picked up Doom yet. The game will be free to play on all platforms, and will include not only single-player, but full access to multiplayer and SnapMap tools as well. The start times for the free weekend are below, and picking up the game at the sale price of $14.99 during the weekend means you can carry your progress over.

  • PC: Thursday, 7/20 at 1 PM ET through Sunday, 7/23 at 4 PM ET
  • PS4: Thursday, 7/27 at 12 PM ET through Sunday, 7/30 at 11:59 PM ET
  • Xbox One: Thursday, 7/20 at 12 PM ET through Sunday, 7/23 at 11:59 PM ET

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