Doom‘s Single-Player Campaign Lasts 13 Hours

Doom‘s campaign will take the average gamer quite a bit of time to knock out.

A common criticism of FPSs these days is that the single-player campaign is too short, and kind-of half-assed. Bethesda’s upcoming Doom reboot though is aiming to put story first, and today the official Doom Twitter account has commented on just how long the game will be. “The difficulty level plays a factor,” said the developer, “but folks playing at the office average 13+ hours in the campaign.”

It’s nice to hear that it will take a decent chunk of time to finish the game, and hopefully Doom has plenty of stuff to keep us interested for those 13 hours. After all, a campaign that drags its feet towards the end is just as bad as a campaign that is too short.

Source: Twitter

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