The adventures of Doraleous and Associates have begun anew with a new 13 episode season.

Originally a member of The Escapist’s fine repertoire of video content, Doraleous and Associates told the story of a party of fantasy adventurers as they bumbled their way through the crisis-struck land of Nudonia. While the series has since moved onto to different pastures, it’s still a favorite of ours and, in turn, we’re happy to report that fans can now enjoy a brand new season.

The new season, which premiered yesterday exclusively on the Hank and Jed YouTube channel, will feature thirteen episodes and comes to viewers compliments of Kickstarter. The show’s campaign, which ended back in April 2013, managed to raise more than $86,000 to help fund new episodes. It’s money that, according to its creators, has been well spent. “This new season has some of my favorite episodes yet,” said writer/producer Brent Triplett. “We’re looking forward to sharing these new episodes with the entire Doraleous Community.”

Fans can expect these fresh episodes to include new characters, several of whom will be voiced by YouTube celebrities including Daniel Baxter (How it Should Have Ended), Olga Kay and ImmortalHD, among others. Overall, the team is just hoping that fans will notice an improvement in this season’s quality. “The writing is sharper, the animation is more fluid and the episodes are nice and lengthy,” said animator/actor Jon Etheridge. New episodes of Doraleous and Associates will post every Monday.

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