Double Fine Debuts Broken Age Teaser


Get ready for your first look at what happens when you throw two million dollars at Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions and tell them to have fun.

Broken Age, the proper name of the “Double Fine Adventure” that brought in more than $2 million on Kickstarter last year, was revealed to the world earlier this week as a story about a boy and a girl living parallel lives: he on a spaceship under the care of a machine mother, while she in a village, as a sacrifice-in-waiting to a terrible monster. Intriguing, but not exactly the most concise synopsis ever put together.

But now I come to you with good news – and bad news. The good news is that Double Fine has plopped a teaser trailer on the tubes and it is, in the words of my esteemed colleague Sarah LeBoeuf, “sweet.” The bad news is that, sweet as it is, it’s not terribly informative. I love the visual style (and it’s just about exactly what you’d expect from a Double Fine game) and the music is great too, even if it’s only a placeholder for the video. But what’s actually going on? Not a clue.

I am, however, intrigued, which I suppose is the point. And the other bit of good news – yes, there’s more – if that if you, like me, took a pass on the Kickstarter, you can still get in on the action through either a $15 preorder or a $30 “Slacker Backer” option, which includes access to backer-exclusive forums, the 2 Player Productions documentary of the game’s development and other material – just like the people who were paying attention a year ago when the Kickstarter was actually running!

So there you go. Definitely looking forward to this one. You can find out more about Broken Age at

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