In advance of this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con, Capcom has revealed four new fighters in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, where Chun-Li will be kicking Dr. Doom in the face.

It’s always fun to guess the rosters of upcoming fighting games, but it’s more fun to guess the rosters of crossover fighters – there’s always so much to choose from! While the highlight of Capcom’s showing this weekend in San Diego may well be the announcement of two vs. Namco games if the rumors are true, the Japanese developer unwrapped its planned Marvel vs. Capcom 3 present a few days early.

Four new fighters are signing up to join the already-revealed MvC3 cast. From the Marvel side, we have the Fantastic Four’s nemesis Dr. Doom and the Super-Skrull, whom I’m kind of ashamed to admit I know nothing about – I’m just not really a comics kind of guy. But he has pointy ears and sets himself on fire or something, judging by the game.

Opposing Dr. Doom and Super-Skrull on the Capcom side of things are Street Fighter‘s iconic female warrior Chun-Li – did you really think she wouldn’t be in it? – and Devil May Cry‘s femme fatale Trish. So clearly, Capcom is doing more to promote gender diversity in this game than Marvel is. But that’s okay, because Chun-Li and Trish are both pretty badass in their own right.

Of course, the reveal trailer in question clearly states that this isn’t the last batch of characters to join the fight. I should hope not! Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was renowned for its massive (and massively imbalanced) roster, and it’d be a shame to see the sequel taking too many steps back from that. Besides, they haven’t revealed Phoenix Wright on the Capcom side of things yet, so clearly they’re not done until they do.

I can hope, can’t I?

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