New entry in the puzzle series adds randomized power-ups.

Nintendo has announced a new Dr. Mario game bound for the 3DS handheld, Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure.

The game will feature three modes collected from prior Dr. Mario titles. These include standard Dr. Mario, “Virus Buster” (which changes the movement of pills to a drag-and-drop style using touch controls), and “Dr. Luigi” (in which all pills form an “L” shape). All three modes will be available in single or multiplayer.

Added to these modes is a new feature, the titular Miracle Cures. Dropping into play when the player fills a meter by destroying pills and viruses, these special items can clear additional objects from the stage in several ways, such as wiping out a whole row or every virus of a specific color.

In multiplayer, Miracle Cures can be used to make things harder on opponents, speeding up their drop rate or making them unable to rotate pills temporarily. Miracle Cures can be disabled as well, for when you want a more classic Dr. Mario experience.

The title will also feature download play, allowing two 3DS users to play together with only one copy.

Offered only as a digital release through the Nintendo eShop, Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure is available for pre-order now and will release on June 11.

Source: YouTube

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