Dragon Age 2 In-Game Trailer Rises to Power


Come one, come all to the new trailer for Dragon Age 2 which finally shows off more than pre-rendered cutscenes.

I’m not saying that the previously released footage of Dragon Age 2 wasn’t cool, but anything can look good in a cutscene. BioWare’s latest trailer, called “Rise to Power,” takes things out of the pre-rendered zone and into the in-game zone instead, also giving some more hints about the story and characters in Dragon Age 2.

Rise to Power includes Dragon Age 2‘s first public in-game footage, though it doesn’t seem to show off a lot of actual gameplay. Hawke, the main character, is now known to begin the game as a refugee, but through a series of circumstances he rises to become legendary. He can also jump really high in slow motion.

When he’s not getting some loving from a mysterious gypsy woman (Isabella from Dragon Age?), Hawke is shown blasting Darkspawn to pieces with spells or chopping them in two with his weapon. Rise to Power may give us our first look at one of Hawke’s arch-enemies, a silver-haired woman with dark armor searching for the truth about his past.

Other possible enemies or allies are also shown, including whom I’ve been told is a returning Flemeth (thanks Flamezdudes), a female mage (Hawke’s sister?), and even a couple of dragons causing a ruckus. I know it’s hard to tell because this is still just a trailer, but the visuals seem improved over the first game from what we see here.

We already knew that Hawke is one of the greatest champions of Dragon Age‘s world, but now we know he’ll have a few badass friends and enemies, possibly mostly female, too. I wouldn’t mind seeing how actual gameplay has changed, but I’m sure we’ll get plenty of looks at it in the coming months before Dragon Age 2 is released on March 8 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Just as a reminder, pre-ordering by January 11 gets you more stuff.

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