BioWare created two characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition, showing that characters can be as wacky or as battle-hardened as players like.

Dragon Age: Inquisition developer BioWare spent almost 30 minutes in a livestream yesterday showing off the character creator’s many sliders and detailed customization. Each race has some different hair styles and customization separate from other races, and customization across male and female genders has similar options within races.

BioWare created two characters and made it clear just how much time players could spend on crafting their ideal Inquisitor. Starting with a male human, BioWare walked the audience through the basics of customization, starting with a number of default head shapes, then moving on to sliders for eye shapes and hair, and then moving into finetuning facial features. While making the male human Inquisitor, BioWare noted that the Adam’s Apple customizer is also available for female Inquisitors.

BioWare’s second Inquisitor for the stream was a female qunari. The qunari’s skintones are quite different from humans, as well as elves and dwarves. Most qunari skintones come in shades of grey with cool undertones. The qunari creator also does not have a hair section; instead, players go through a slider menu for the horns, which also includes hair styles, so hair cannot be chosen separately from the horns. Horns come in a variety of twisty styles, asymmetrical styles, length, and some have no horns at all, like Sten from Dragon Age: Origins. Additionally, the qunari do not have a tattoo option. Instead, they can equip vitar, which are essentially war paints toxic to everyone other than qunari. The vitar act as headgear and look like facial tattoos.

Players can set scars (as well as their intensity and position) and makeup in their respective menus, as well as other features. However, full body tattoos and customization of body types are not available. BioWare said the reason for this was that bodies are mostly covered by armor, and it had to decide whether to differentiate body types by race or through sliders. Because the body type from one race to another is vastly different (comparing dwarves and qunari), customization within races is confined to the face.

After the character creation demo, BioWare took the audience through another gameplay demo of an area where the dwarves had built up to the surface.

Dragon Age Inquisition launches November 18 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: BioWare

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