Netflix Tadayoshi Makino anime opening theme Dragon's Dogma anime opening theme

Do you like dragons, skeletons, slow pans over armor, and choirs singing really dramatically? Then you’re going to love the opening theme for Netflix’s upcoming Dragon’s Dogma anime, which was written by the game’s composer, Tadayoshi Makino.

The opening credits doesn’t give much away about the show itself as it isn’t really in the style of the animation, but it does hint at the seriously dramatic tone for the series. The credits feel like something ripped from Game of Thrones more so than an animated series. Getting Makino to do the music is great as he and his fellow composers delivered a fantastic score for Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen.

The official trailer for the series dropped a little while ago and gave us a look at how the game is being adapted. It will follow Ethan as he becomes the Arisen and goes on a quest to destroy a terrible dragon that took his heart. He’ll be assisted by Pawns, which are created people that assist the Arisen in his quest. The series looks to build out the lore of the franchise as we wait for another game to be released, should that ever occur.

Netflix has multiple Capcom video game adaptations in the works right now after the success of Konami’s Castlevania on the streamer. Alongside the Dragon’s Dogma anime are a live-action Resident Evil series and Devil May Cry show that hasn’t officially been revealed yet.

Dragon’s Dogma is set to drop on Netflix next week on Sept. 17.

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