DreamHack CEO Departs Company With Inflammatory Tweet


Robert Ohlen’s final Tweet on the matter wishes the DreamHack event to “die an ignoble death.”

Robert Ohlen, former CEO of the massive-scale esports and LAN event DreamHack, has reportedly been fired from his position, and he certainly is not happy about it. Ohlen took to Twitter to vent his frustrations, which is, in at least my opinion, not a very wise move. Here’s what he said:

As you can see, it’s not exactly the most… subtle Tweet, and it’s quite obvious that his departure from the company was not willing, and that he took issue with that.

Fredrik Nystrom, the company’s head of public relations confirmed that Ohlen had been “relieved of his duties,” and assured us that DreamHack “will continue as usual without any interruption,” as a new CEO has been chosen internally. The new CEO will be announced to the public on October 27, although current reports are suggesting it is highly likely to be Markus Lindmark, a former event manager for the company.

Ohler has always been a rather charismatic individual, but Twitter outbursts like this always just make you look like a spoiled child, and can’t bode well for future career prospects. When will people learn to stop saying stupid stuff over Twitter?

Source: Twitter via The Daily Dot

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