If you’re a die-hard Ace Attorney fan who either: is Japanese, speaks Japanese, or just really likes limited edition collectables, the Gyakuten Kenji collectors’ edition might be just up your alley.

If you’ve never played Capcom’s Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games for the Nintendo DS, you really ought to. Sure, they’re pretty much standard adventure games, but the courtroom sections are a nice twist. Plus, they’re brilliantly written and localized, and the moment you piece together how a crime actually went down is a rather nice payoff.

While the Phoenix Wright trilogy (and its successor, Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice) puts gamers into the shoes of a defense attorney who seeks to protect the innocent from being falsely accused of crimes, that isn’t the only sort of courtroom story to tell. Hence Gyakuten Kenji, the upcoming game starring Phoenix Wright’s cravat-wearing rival/best friend/partner, Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth (the title roughly translates to “Turnabout Prosecutor,” based off of the series’ Japanese title, Gyakuten Saiban – “Turnabout Court.”)

But where’s the fun in playing as Edgeworth trying to nail down the scum of humanity if you don’t get to share the man’s foppish, Victorian-esque fashion style? That’s where the Gyakuten Kenji limited edition comes in. Not only does it include a special soundtrack CD with music from the game performed by the Tokyo Symphonic Orchestra, a companion DVD, character portrait cards and a handsome leather case to carry your DS Ace Attorney carts with you… but those hardcore AA fans that are able to pre-order through Capcom’s Japanese online store will get another bonus: teacups. Really, really, uh… fey-looking teacups, no less.

Now you too can pretend to be an elegant and experienced prosecutor, daintily drinking tea out of your girly pink-and-white teacups while berating your clumsy-but-well-meaning detective sidekick for screwing up, dodging the furious lashes from your hot-tempered, whip-wielding foster sister and angsting over your calling in life and what it really means to be a prosecutor. It’s everybody’s dream, right?

…well, it’s my dream, anyway.

Don’t judge me.

(Capcom Unity Blog via Kotaku)

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