Dig up Dead Space memories, pay your respect to the dead with QTEs, and go for a ride on a motorized couch with these awesome Battlefield Hardline easter eggs.

Visceral Games continues Battlefield’s Easter egg legacy — with references to its past and to competitors, while also throwing wild rides, crazy reloads, and funny call-signs into the mix. There’s a lot to investigate in this cop-and-criminal shooter, so keep scrolling to get a load of the premier silly secrets and hilarious call-outs in Hardline.

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Easter Eggs Guide

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The American Dream

Battlefield Hardline Couch Vehicle Easter Egg

There’s a unique vehicle hidden on the Dustbowl map in Hardline’s multiplayer. To find it, travel over to the trailer park near the water tower. In one of the lawns, you’ll find a red and blue umbrella with a couch next to it. Approach, and a prompt will appear: “[Square/X/E] Hold to Enter The American Dream”

Follow those instructions and you’ll take a seat. Steering the couch works like any other vehicle, minus any known propulsion system. For a comfy seat, it goes crazy fast and fits up to four passengers at once. And yes, your buddies can shoot from the couch while going for a ride. This thing might be surprisingly nimble, but doesn’t offer much protection for your lazy cops and/or criminal conspirators. The most comfortable ride in the game probably won’t keep you alive for long, but it’s the unconventional flavor that makes this one of the better Easter eggs we’ve see in some time.

Playing Dead Space

Battlefield Hardline Dead Space 2 Console Easter Egg

During Episode 7: Glass Houses, you can watch as two suspects play Dead Space on a large flatscreen. The two discuss the violence and story in surprising detail, but that shouldn’t be a huge surprise to those that follow Visceral Games.

The developer of Battlefield Hardline, Visceral, once worked on the Dead Space series for EA. What once was a small experiment ballooned into one of EA’s premier franchises once upon a time.

Just like the thugs say, the game was known for it’s horrific violence. To kill the alien Necromorphs, the space engineer Isaac used laser cutters to dismember the creatures instead. Even for trained killers, that’s pretty gross.

As an added detail, if you interrupt the pair with an arrest they’ll pause the game. It’s like Visceral knows how games work, or something.

Check out the game console and you’ll see a copy of Dead Space 2, just to confirm it. Strangely, the pair are talking about the plot from Dead Space 1.

Pay Your Respects QTE

Battlefield Hardline Advanced Warfare Funeral Easter Egg

In a sarcastic nod to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, EA’s Battlefield Hardline has their own “Pay Your Respects” moment hidden in the campaign.

After surviving the gas station assault in Episode 8, look across the street. There’s a burned out husk of a building.

To the left of that, there’s a shallow grave with a murdered ATF agent buried beneath the dirt. Approach the grave, and you’ll be prompted to “Pay Respects [X]”.

The much-publicized beginning of Advanced Warfare featured a scene at a funeral in which the hero is required to follow a similar prompt to continue.

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