Drop Some Phat NES Beats With the “Nintendo Mixtape”


New York hip-hop group No Question? has released Got Game?, an album set to remixed tracks of beloved games from the halcyon days of the NES.

(Warning: Not Safe For Work, Potentially Offensive)

Kids who grew up playing the NES once upon a time are no longer kids – now they’re adults with passions and careers of their own. Still, those fond memories from childhood seem to worm their way into their current lives, whether on their TV shows or, in the case of New York hip-hop crew No Question?, their music.

Got Game?, aka the Nintendo Mixtape, takes classic melodies from the NES era, remixes them, lays down a phat beat and spits hot fire. We’ve embedded “Double Dragons” above as an introduction, but “Gauntlet” is also up on YouTube for a second listen. Like what you hear? The whole album can be found here, free of charge.

And in case you haven’t gotten enough NES-themed rap today, here’s a link back to April’s Mega Man Rap Battles the Robot Masters.

(Thanks, Joystiq)

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