DS/Wii Connectivity Next Year


Speaking to MCV, Nintendo product manager James Honeywell said that connectivity between the DS and the Wii will begin to roll out next year.

“You will definitely see Wii and DS interoperability as soon as we have it finished,” said Honeywell. “We haven’t made any announcements over specific software for connectivity, but there are definitely a number of exciting things in creation which we want to bring to market as soon as possible. We’re hopeful that will be next year.”

While Pokemon Battle Revolution has been cited as the most likely candidate for the feature, Honeywell hasn’t named any specific games.

He was also careful to distance the connectivity from what Sony and Microsoft offer with the PSP and PC. “Our competitors might offer connectivity between formats, but it concentrates on media capabilities, rather than the fun and interaction you’ll get when you bring our two consoles together,” he said.

“For example, the connectivity between Xbox 360 and PC is very much based in streaming video and other media. The link-up between Wii and DS will be much more about offering new forms of gameplay, fun and interaction. It will offer yet another new set of experiences for the whole family.”

Source: MCV

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