It will come as no surprise that Duke Nukem Forever DLC is in the works, but what is unexpected is that some of it might involve singing.

I won’t believe it until I see it but on the assumption that Duke Nukem Forever does make its June release date, we all know that add-ons and expansions in the form of downloadable content won’t be far behind. Sure enough, Jon St. John, the voice of Duke Nukem, revealed that he’s still doing voice recordings even though the game is finished and also dropped a rather unexpected hint about what the future might hold.

“I’ve probably done seven recording sessions for Duke Nukem Forever, and I have some still to go,” he told Voice the Dream. “Even though the game is still finished, of course there will be special add-ons and features including… I don’t know if I am allowed to talk about this or not… something that may involve singing. I’ll leave it at that.”

And before you ask, yes, Jon St. John is the original voice of the Duke. He said the character was originally envisioned as a “Clint Eastwood/Dirty Harry” type, but a whole lot meatier and thicker of head. “I said, ‘Go ahead, make my day’,” he explained, describing the early development of the character. “They said, ‘OK, that’s the right kind of voice but remember, Duke is a big buffed guy on steroids, so let’s lower his pitch.’ I repeated, ‘Go ahead make my day,’ and they said, ‘Oh! That’s the Duke voice, let’s go with that!’ That’s been the voice ever since.”

But while Duke is St. John’s most famous voice, it’s far from his only work in the industry. “Duke Nukem Forever is along the same lines as the Duke Nukem 3D game, but in the years between the release of Duke Nukem Forever, I’ve done other games,” he said. “I was included in the Duke Nukem Trilogy, done by Apogee Software. I’ve only done the first of their trilogy. I’ve also been involved in many other video games. I’ve done between 120 to 150 games so far. That keeps me pretty busy.”

Duke Nukem Forever comes out in Europe on June 10 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and arrives in North America on June 14.

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