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Dungeon Full Dive Lets You Build Tabletop Worlds to Explore Top-Down or First-Person

TxK Gaming Studios reveals the Dungeon Full Dive announcement trailer, which brings tabletop games to virtual life on PC and VR first-person. D&D 5E

If you’re always on the lookout for cool new ways to experience tabletop games in video game format, then you’ll want to check out Dungeon Full Dive, announced this week by TxK Gaming Studios. The game allows you to create your own role-playing maps, campaigns, and heroes to control on PC and/or VR via Steam, and it will feature cross-play for the two formats. Likewise, you can play the game from top-down or first-person perspectives for extra immersion. The Dungeon Full Dive announcement trailer offers a tease of what to expect when the game launches sometime later this year.

The game uses mechanics and stat integration for Dungeons & Dragons 5E, inviting an easy import from your tabletop game to this digital experience. The character builder should let you create a pretty decent facsimile of your character in the game too. Perhaps most importantly, TxK Gaming Studios says the map builder will be “powerful” and invite a degree of interactivity: “For instance, you can make music using instruments at the marketplace, drink at a tavern, or venture into the eerie depths of dark forests.”

Dungeon Full Dive sounds like a fun game to tinker around with regardless of your PC setup, but if you have VR handy, it could be an exceptionally good way to goof off with friends.

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